Saturday, November 18, 2006

Two Guys Named Black

November 18

Just now a face flashed on the tv screen that made me laugh out loud. Couldn't help it. Jack Black just makes me laugh. I said out loud "I love Jack Black."

Immediately I felt like a two-timer. Because my real love is that other man named Black who appears occasionally on The Daily Show. Lewis Black.

The two share so much anger and such a raw approach to comedy that they could be related. Wonder if either one of them is really named Black. Wonder if both of them are and they are brothers...nah -- no family, no matter how dysfunctional, could produce two of them.

Jack Black first came to my attention is a good little movie called High Fidelity, featuring the perpetually perplexed John Cusack. Another great role for him was in Orange County.But my favorite so far was The School of Rock. This guy works all the time, so we can expect him to be in more and more movies -- you might say until he wears out his welcome. Which may be for the rest of our lives and his. This guy has an unforgettable face, but when I tried to upload his image here, it didn't work. Google him if you don't know who I'm talking about and when you see his picture, you'll say, "Oh, that guy!" Then you'll know whether you love him or hate him. I doubt that you'll be indifferent.

The man who might be Jack's older brother does stand-up with such venom and noise that just his rapid-fire, growling, screaming delivery makes you laugh even if you didn't respond to the content of his rants.
This guy hates everything and everyone. There is sincerity in his rants. He really means it. He's a little scary, if only you could stop laughing. The Lewis Black web info reveals that he's been in a few movies, some about to be released. We are going to hear more from him and that other guy named Black for some time.


Grammie said...

Thanks for the 'heads up' on your new posts. I have been checking on you every once in a glad when you do write!

I, too, love the "Blacks"....doubt they are brothers....but I was introduced to Lewis Black's humor a few years ago and I love him! His anger is so true and so funny...and, how about that finger pointing!?!

Bert Bananas said...

More drama, pleaee!

Finding Fair Hope said...

Of all my six or seven regular readers, I thought bert bananas would have something bright to say about either Jack or Lewis Black, or both! But I gather from that comment that he wants me to reveal my inner emotional life...who knows? Maybe I will. Then he'll be sorry he said anything.

Bert Bananas said...

Thank you for counting me among your few, your hardy, your dedicted and intrepid readers.

As regards the Blacks, Jack and Lewis, Even-Handed Hope... severally and together, the Blacks would tell you that I am funnier, angrier, pithier, creative-er (as proven by my making up this word) and a far better golfer.

But I don't do movies. My wife refuses to allow me to kiss other women. I like that she chooses having me to herself over the fame and fortune movies would bring us.

So... I don't read "you" so that I can laugh. For that I have mirrors. Therefore, go forth and spread your word upon this blog, that all who see it may be delighted.