Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spruce Up for the Captain's House

November 22

The house is getting a little facelift, with the before picture below and the in-process on the right. People are stopping to notice the old place! Wait until spring when the blooms and leaves appear. In the meantime, the paint job came first, followed by the removal of all the old vegetation, the placement of irrigation, and this week the plants and grass were planted! There is still work being in my yard...but it's about time for them to wrap up for the day. They'll be off for two days for Thanksgiving, but if any last touches are needed they will be here Monday.

And that's my new Saturn in the driveway. It's not really new; it's a 2003 Ion, but bigger than my old one and with a little less mileage.

What a lot to think about this Thanksgiving!


oldphilosopher said...

I liked the way your house used to look better.

tangerine said...

Oh, come on! You old fogey! You can't blame a person for trying, no matter how much she spent on it. It combines the best of old and new Fairhope now.

Finding Fair Hope said...

You two symbolize what I like and dislike about Fairhope. Now, leave my house alone. More and better pictures will follow.

Bert Bananas said...

Don't forget the attic fan!!