Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Reflecting on Fairhope

I left Fairhope in 2007 and don't quite think of it the same way I once did. I've written several books about the town I knew and the town I remembered, and they are all available on amazon. This is from one with my all-time favorite title, Meet Me at the Butterfly Tree. I hope you find it interesting enough to look for my books online, or to contact me through Facebook.

"There is no question that today we yearn for something undefined. In Fairhope that yearning is palpable. Perhaps the dreams of the early settlers are affecting us in ways we don’t acknowledge. In some instances they conformed to the outside world, in some they did not. They had the blessing of a town in which either choice was acceptable The comfort of this place enabled them to do good works and influence coming generations simply by being themselves.

"This is possible for each of us. We still have our parks, laid out a century ago. We have Fairhope’s legacy of dreams for a better world. We have the land the early Single Taxers saved for us. And we have our own hopes for better things for coming generations. The promise of Fairhope’s founders is the promise we share in our own lives here. We know the potential and the magic of the place itself."

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