Monday, April 07, 2008

Brad Pitt in Fairhope

April 7, 2008

A noticeable spike in readership of this blog Friday revealed that the attendants all used the search words "Brad Pitt in Fairhope."

I once posted on a mythical remake of Gone With the Wind, suggesting Pitt as a candidate for the role of Ashley Wilkes. I still think that's a pretty good idea. That mention of the actor was the only reason for those seeking information about Brad Pitt -- and possibly Angelina Jolie as well -- in Fairhope last week visited this blog.

Not knowing anything about whether or not the couple actually came to Fairhope (and not living anywhere near there any more) I made contact with a few who might know. Two out of three had heard nothing about it, but the third wrote, "Yes, he's here for the first Fairhope Film Festival and the rumor must be true, but I haven't seen the dude, but maybe I'll drop in on tonight's movie. He is probably here because the festival showed "Forgotten Coast" this afternoon at USABC, so, it's not really much of a stretch for him to come over from N.O. where he has a pad out on St. Charles."

Later the press got into the picture. Reporters sought out Pitt by following the leads they had gotten from others, but nobody had seen him.

If you came because you thought you'd learn more about Brad Pitt in Fairhope, I hate to disappoint you. If you know something I don't, please make a comment and enlighten me and my readers.