Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Plot of the New Book Thickens

December 17, 2008
I posted here a few months about about the publication of my new book, the one you see pictured. I was excited to have completed it--I thought in time for Christmas publication--and expected to be in Fairhope early in November for booksignings.

Things do not always go as expected. There was a snag somewhere. I had misunderstood the publisher's timeline. Or just maybe they had misunderestimated their own ability to get the thing in print fast. I'm now expecting to have a book in my hand in early January, and to be signing copies of it at Page & Palette January 24 from 2-4 P.M. Thicker than the first book, it will be hard cover, and will retail for about $25.

The Fair Hope of Heaven is similar to Meet Me at the Butterfly Tree. It has some of the same chapters--most expanded to include more information--and a lot of new ones. It deals with the history of Fairhope, with chapters about Clarence Darrow and Upton Sinclair, along with some about other interesting Fairhope characters like Dian Stitt Arnold who rode horses and raised six children and always wore miniskirts and cowboy boots and Willard Edwards who moved his family to Stalin's Russia during the Great Depression, finding Fairhope not Socialistic enough.

I'll get the publicity out, am putting together a new website, and will be seeing you at the bookstore. Update: The Fair Hope of Heaven is available at or on my website.

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Anonymous said...

We hope to see you at the signing. Not quite Christmas but good enough.
You may receive a guest writer ticket to "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel" at if you are here during the 2 week run.
Your title sounds promising.