Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Captain's House Has New Owners

July 1, 2008

Yesterday the deed was done; numerous papers were signed, a check was signed and handed across the table (and deposited in the bank), and it's official. The house in Fairhope is no longer mine.

I live in Hoboken, New Jersey, for real.

It's a good feeling to be free of the worry that I may be paying taxes and various bills on that house for years to come. It's an even better feeling to have met the new owners and to have found them to be parents of three small children. They have plans to add a bathroom, which the house sorely needed, and to remodel the interior to suit their needs -- but they truly love what the house is and was and they know it's in the ideal location for Fairhope. They'll get to view the fireworks from there on the 4th (or at least to walk down the hill to the bluff and not have to drive around looking for a parkin space). They'll be able to walk their daughter to the K1 Center when she starts kindergarten in the fall. They'll allow their children to play outside without fear of traffic or kidnappers.

And I'll live in Hoboken, for real.


Anonymous said...

Well, ther is at least one tha misses your being around F'hope.

Sue said...

Alas! Although I would have loved to own this house, it's availability came at a bad time for me. I am just glad it has new owners, and hope they keep the place in the old Fairhope style, as it should be.

Mary Lois said...

Well, if you're still looking in the Fairhope area, Sue, you might be interested in the old family homestead in Montrose. More of a fixer upper, but a real beauty with a lot of history and way cheaper,click here.