Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Horse Races

January 17, 2007

It's award time in the land. Now that the Golden Globules have been awarded, we shall soon hear from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. From Hollywood, I most enjoy the Independent Spirit Awards, which you can view if you subscribe to the Independent Film cable channel.

Everybody knows an award for any art is futile and pointless, if that's indeed what any of the academies of whatever truly thinks they are doing. In his autobiography, The Name Above the Title, Frank Capra describes the creation of the aforementioned "academy"as a vehicle to give out awards, which was seen as a way to boost sagging ticket sales in a floundering industry that feared it would go the way of the dodo as a result of the Great Depression. The original awards were given out at a small dinner in a Hollywood hotel, to little fanfare and with no suspense as the recipients were announced in advance of the presentation. What a little knowhow and years of learning by experience can do for the public relations concept!

Now, as a precursor to "Oscar," we have the Foreign Press Association awards, complete with statuette, red carpet, cameras and flashbulbs, acceptance speeches, and tears from both winners (in public) and losers (not in public). Indeed, the tail wags the dog -- people become actors because they want to win those awards.

Along with this horse race comes the announcement of Presidential candidates. The day after the Golden Globe awards, the rock star has announced the formation of his exploratory committee for the nomination to be standard bearer for the Democratic Party in 2008. Do I think he should do it? I certainly do.

Like the Oscars, it's getting to be time to make predictions about the political scene. Also like the Oscars, I haven't made my picks yet. But I can tell it's going to be a hell of a horse race.


Bert Bananas said...

You know what would be really, really interesting? If everyone ran for President.

Hey, if you will, I will !! Unfortunately, I'd have to run under a party affiliation that has no ostensible connection to Laztheism, to try to head of criticism that my acts in office might be influenced by the headquarters of the World Laztheist Movement. And I couldn't really deny such allegations, what with the WLM headquarters being in my very own medulla oblongata. So I'd have a tough row to hoe, but I'll do it if you will.

Mary Lois said...

As for me, I'd rather win an Oscar or a Golden Globule than be President. Of course, the Academy might suspect I'm a Laztheist, so I'd never make it.

Bert Bananas said...

Darn you! I expected you to jump right into this! My exploratory committee has convinced me to run, and run I shall.

Can I count on your vote?

Mary Lois said...

You wouldn't want my vote. It's a gateway to defeat.

In my voting history, I've usually opted for the third-party candidate, and when I voted for a mainstream candidate, McGovern, he didn't win either. Come to think of it the only winning candidate I ever voted for was Jimmy Carter, and you know what became of him.

I'll remain silent on my preference for the 08 race, but, secretly: You're it!