Friday, November 03, 2006

For You Blogstalkers

November 3

Just in case you thought I was in such a rut that I couldn't stop myself from posting a blog every morning by 7 A.M., I actually skipped a day, and here I am posting at 6:16 P.M. on a Friday.

It won't be the traditional fare on this blog, either. No dipping into profundity, no ruminations about the changes in Fairhope, the loss of Utopia, the meaning of existence, and not even a plug for my book. This is a glancing overview of the whole ten months of blogging. If you want to know about my book, scroll down to the bottom of the blog and read a heartening review in the post called "Maybe It Isn't Just About Fairhope."

For blogstalkers (thank you for the word, "Grammie"), this is an index of sorts of what may be found on previous posts you may have missed. There is more, and I hope that clicking on one or more of these topics will tempt you to browse the blog in depth.

Henry George and Why There Is a Fairhope

Campbell Scott’s sex appeal

Garcia Lorca and the concept of duende

Andy Warhol and Fame as Art (and art as fame)

Irony and Americans

Bobby Darin

Anderson Cooper, Wyatt Cooper, Gloria Vanderbilt

Questions about God and the Soul

Marietta Johnson and God For this one, you can also scroll down to the bottom of the blog and check out "What Is It All About?" which gives one bright child's good guess, and has a comment about yet another astonishment from another such natural wonder.

All this is to say, there's a great deal to explore on the blog already. Take your time; look around.


Officious Oaf said...

Stepping down as a blogger- On the stage it is called a curtain call. On the ball field it is coming back and waving to the fans. In radio and in blogging it is called getting in one more word before signing off. And now you have done that.

Quitting cold turkey tain’t easy for any one who has enjoyed a respectable period of success. Were it those “15 minutes of fame”, a simple “bye”, gone, and everyone is satisfied, nothing left hanging. Now if you’re going to be serious about this, what you can’t do is nibble around the edges with an occasional blog or slipping in a comment or two on someone else’s blog. That would mean you are blog junkie, which by most indications you might be. But your stature calls for being out of the game in a serious sense, meaning just that: being out, staying out, and staying quiet until…it’s time for a come back and with banners and trumpets…words would be nice too.

What I, and perhaps others as well, would hope you would do would be take a break, no time frame set for its length, review the imprint left, the friends gained, the parrying with dissenters, the lessons learned, the lessons given, meditate on the experience, see what serves your highest interest (selling your books isn’t it), gather a renewed vigor and “smarts” and make a reentry to the pleasure of us all. Martha Stewart’s momentary retreat from the limelight, although not of her choosing, proved to be an upward turn in her career. It can be yours too. As they now say north of the border, “Hasta pronto”, or “until the next time”, as might be said by a preacher when talking to his friendly meth dealer.

Finding Fair Hope said...

Thank you very much; I'll do it my way.