Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Universe Said, "Don't Blog"

October 31

I woke up recently -- yesterday, to be exact -- not wanting to blog any more. I decided not to post about it. That always seems a bit like pandering to me, to post that you are abandoning your blog-calling in favor of life itself. A ploy to get readers to beg and tell you how much your daily mind trips mean to them. In other words, a cheap trick to squeeze a commitment out of those who frequent the blog. A threat.

But I emailed a few key players and told them of my decision. The consensus was, "Good for you. You don't wanna blog, then don't."

So after this I'm not going to offer new posts. (Hedging: At least not very often. You might check every week or so.) But if you're new, or if you'd like to take some time pondering some of the great themes we have discussed here, there are ways you can do it. The blog will stay up, and it will still have all the old information it once had. All you have to do to browse is type a keyword into the little blank rectangular box in the upper left hand corner of the blog where it says "Search This Blog" and then click SEARCH.

You may find profound posts on such topics as the Marietta Johnson School, Henry George, Bobby Darin, Anderson Cooper, Campbell Scott, Garcia Lorca, Gone With the Wind, Robert E. Bell, duende, aesthetic weight, Tennessee Williams, the new library in Fairhope, and lots of other stuff.

I'll keep my Site Meter running to see if there is any attendance on the blog for a little while. I'll post, maybe, when inspired. But for now I'm officially retired.


John Sweden said...

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. ~J. Lubbock

Enjoy and thanks

Grammie said...

While I totally understand, I WILL miss your posts. In fact, I listed your blog as one of my favorites in my blog yesterday...so you may be getting some extra viewers for a bit. I guess that my timing was off... : (
Relax...take care of yourself...but, do post every once and a while! From a fellow Alabamian

Bert Bananas said...

Will you be getting a pension from Blogger.com?

And your first instinct was correct: it is tremendously pandering to announce your plan that you have no further 'announcements.'

It's saying that you were trying to save the world, or at least to make it a better place, but that your efforts seemed in vain so therefore you are cutting off your nose to spite our faces...

Finding Fair Hope said...

I shouldn't even be doing this, but thanks everybody here, and to everybody else who is reading. I have noticed that "grammie" who seemed to be following all the blogs I do but hadn't posted here...welcome aboard.

Now, none of you try to change my mind. I'm going to apply for that pension as suggested by bert bananas and maybe I'll post an occasional comment on his blog. But I don't have time for this.

Now over to grammie's blog to see what she said about me.

Carl Evans said...

I am really glad that you started blogging.Literally,Finding Fair Hope was a blessing and a treat for me. Your blog has always been well written and interesting, thanks for sharing your universe with the rest of us.

God bless!