Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Things To Do

September 13

Today's post will be brief. I spent a lot of time in my doctor's waiting room yesterday, and he thought the knee looked pretty good but sent me to have an Xray done just in case. He suggested ice packs (made of frozen peas) and said I should continue taking two ibuprophen every four hours, and stay off the workout machines except for upper-body. I hate upper-body, and am not crazy about ice packs or ibuprophen either, for that matter, but then I was the one who went running down the street and did some damage to the knee.

I recommend you read my September 11 and 12 posts, in that order, whether you have read them before or not. Don't forget to read all the comments too, and post one yourself if you feel like it. We live in troublesome times. Good news is coming, and some of it will be right here on this blog.


Bert Bananas said...

"Good news is coming, and some of it will be right here on this blog."

Woo Hoo!!! Am I getting laid?

Finding Fair Hope said...

Any takers? My dance card is filled. But you can't blame a guy for trying.

John Sweden said...

The great, always late, Lazthiest philosopher and theologian, Marcel Duchamp, in his famed treatise on ”Sex and AutoRepair”, provides the theological and philosophical basis of BB’s statement of anticipated joy.

“Once you’ve thought of it, it’s already done” and “the viewer completes the work”.

Woo Hoo!!! would be considered an expression of lazthiest pre-elightment brought on by the premature, preview, of a completion of an ultimate non-action.

ff's "My dance card is filled. But you can't blame a guy trying." comes from the secret MM FILES. The Truth Is Out or In There.

tangerine said...

Is the old babe's dance card actually filled? Or is she just hoping to avoid a confrontation with a banana from California? The news is coming, and some of it may very well be on right here on this blog!

Bert Bananas said...

J.S., you CAN'T use 'Lazthiest' and
'theological' in the same sentence!!
It's like using 'Woo Hoo!!!' and 'IRS Audit' in the same sentence; it just doesn't compute!

Okay, I confess... Tangerine is my agent at CAA and this has all been a polite con to plug my upcoming movie, in which Cher the President of the USA and I play a Senator from Utah who collects trophy wives.

John Sweden said...

Sorry there Bananas, should have known better. It should have been "The ological". In Swedish the "o" prefix meaning not. But that's my Svenglish kicking in. In proper Swedish the term would it would be "ologicalen".

Woo Hoo!!! and "Getting Laid" in the same sentence computes, in certain circles, to "Porky's Revenge" and in other's to "Pee Wee Herman", "Barney Fife" and "Opie". Perhaps that's why the dance card is suddenly and unexpalianbly filled.