Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mysteries of the Blog

August 10

Yesterday I learned some new things about reading a blog! You may have found some of these already, but they'll be a help if you haven't.

Many have already discovered the box in the upper right hand corner that says "NEXT BLOG." If you click on that, it will lead to somebody else's blog, and there will be another NEXT BLOG box there. You keep clicking until you find something you want to read -- but don't click until you've read all the posts that interest you here, because to get back you'll have to start over.

The one I hadn't used before is the "SEARCH THIS BLOG" box on the other corner. You type in a keyword or two in the blank, then click SEARCH THIS BLOG. Say, if you want to refresh yourself on a topic you know was on this blog -- duende, for example; or Wyatt Cooper's book Families, or Edward de Vere, (the author of the works attributed to William Shakespeare of Stratford) -- you type that into the blank, and click the search button. You can even search other blogs for the topics.

If you haven't tried it yet, you can click on the Archives on the lower left side of the blog and discover all kinds of interesting topics on your own. As most of you know I made the mistake of deleting most of the posts in May and all of March and April, but have re-posted a few selected ones over July and August. If you read something vaguely familiar, it's probably because you read it here before.

Then you can click on any of the blogs under the "Links" post. Salome hasn't been dancing much lately, but she has quite an archive herself. Oh, and if you are interested in anyone who has made a comment on this or any blog, if his or her name is in blue, you can just click on that and it will take you to his blog or profile.

I've got an early appointment for a check-up and then a hair appointment, so I probably won't post again today. Have fun surfing blogland!


Ollie Oaf said...

I took your suggestion and went to the upper right corner and clicked the blogs.

Yee gads -- is there a lot drivel in blogland!!!!! Don't these people have anything else to do?

Finding Fair Hope said...

Yes indeed. I wonder why we spend so much time surfing when we find so little.

Ollie Oaf said...

Seems we oafs are always coming up short in our thought processes. I should have followed up the "drivel in Blogland" remark with another one about the amazing amount of really useful information that can be found in Blogland as well.

With all the stuff available to us internet explorers, no one can say we are in the information wasteland of the Dark Ages. But getting information from the internet does have a drawback: having to wade through too much. Sifting through the drivel and fluff to reach the meaningful and useful takes time. Come to think about, going to the library and searching through a lot of dusty archives took time too. I'll stick with going to Blogland instead of the library, but I think I'll put on an extra protective coat of AD (Anti-drivel) lotion to keep from being more oafish. Didn't have that over-exposure problem at the library.

Bert Bananas said...

I was greatly disappointed. I thought it referred to MY next blog. I've always thought the internet knew more than I did, so it does make some sense...