Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Remembrance of Blogposts Past

September 5

There has been so much good stuff on the blog, some in the distant past, that I’ve decided to provide an index of some of my best, and my commenters’ best too, for all to see. All you have to do is click on the words of your choice!

I spent my morning trying to type in the right links, showing off to myself, and then when I tried to publish none of it was right. So in order to put this aside, let me list some of the old topics and tell you another short cut to finding them. Go to the top of the blog and you’ll find a blank rectangle on the left hand side. Type in the titles and click on SEARCH THIS BLOG.

If you’re a fan of Shakespeare, and/or if you suspect that the guy who lived and died in Stratford may not have been responsible for the greatest writing in the English language, check out how I really feel about the controversy by typing in Was De Vere Da Bard. Also, if you'd like to learn about my theories about why some actors are more compelling than others you can read about aesthetic weight and duende.

If you are interested in newsman Anderson Cooper or his mother Gloria Vanderbilt, or his father Wyatt Cooper, take a gander at Anderson Cooper Revisited and A Fascinating Family.

If you want to know how Marietta Johnson handled the question of teaching religion to children, type in God and Mrs. Johnson.

If you’re interested in reading about a special memorial for Arden Flagg, my post was called "Ask the Universe."

There are lots of entries about the book I wrote, Meet Me at the Butterfly Tree, and the one I’m still looking for a publisher for, When We Had the Sky.

In fact, you can do that about any number of posts that have appeared here, or any topics, including those I’ve just mentioned. There are posts about the controversy about Wal-Mart in Fairhope -- which looks to be resolved just as I predicted. There are posts about The Parker House, The Beach Theater and one about the old Library. There are posts about Clarence Darrow's visit to Fairhope, and about Upton Sinclair, with some pages from a diary of his time here.There is one that I wish I had “Bury My Heart at Wounded Tree” with a picture of the tree on the lot where a new condo is going up -- it was called "The House That Isn't There."

This is a lot of work, pulling together these links for you and I'm more than unhappy that my linking didn't work. At any rate I hope you’re interested enough to check some of them out by going to the box at the top of the blog. But if not, at least you’ll know how I spent my morning.


John Sweden said...

I clicked ”here” and it ain’t ”there”. (RE: last blog) I would like to order those books and encourage others to likewise. If purcahses can through the organic school I would prefer to do so. It only seems right.

Thanks for creating this particular blog as you have given us so many interesting, creative and inspiring places to be. It was a pleasure to take a trip down the roads, paths and the alleyways of the wide variety of ideas, images and people that have come to form the constructs of the blogville of Fairhope. In doing so I came to be aware that this is a place where I want to be. So, with that in mind, I am going to permanently take up residence in that big stuffed chair with the ottoman over there by the fireplace. From that cozy vantage place, I will read, listen to and contemplate the daily observations of the ville’s “Fire Soul” and founding lady. Maybe once and awhile, as “truths” and certain things become “self-evident”,I’ll go and pull an old blog off the shelf of this new “Library of NOWhere” and add a comment or two. Every once and while, as the soul moves me, you can be sure I will get up to stir the coals to bring forth and renew a little more of the character, warmth and light of that has come to define this place.

In terms of blogvilles, I like it here. Here my thoughts will stay. Its here where they belong. This place gives me Fairhope that some will take root, find home, and grow a little.

So ff, it's time to throw another log on the fire and while you're up could you pass the port.

Finding Fair Hope said...

A little trouble in blogland! That link I provided about ordering the book by Marietta Johnson was supposed to take you to the Museum's website. I saw when I tested it that there was some trouble with the Museum's provider, and thought I had it solved when I linked the other day -- then I noted (by clicking on my own link to the Museum on this page) that the whole website seems to be having difficulties.

What you should have gotten was an order form for the book Teaching Without Failure, which is available through the Museum. Since their website is temporarily available you can just send a check to them for $15.95 at Marietta Johnson Museum, 10 S. School St., Fairhope AL 36532 and request the book. I'll tell them they may hear from you -- and I'll also tell them that their website is down.

I'm glad to hear from loyal readers of this blog, John. Thanks for staying with us.