Saturday, September 16, 2006

Autumn Events and Start-Ups

September 16

Autumn began in Fairhope yesterday, with the first snap of cool weather in the morning, the lack of humidity in the afternoon, and clear blue skies all day long. The same is predicted for today, and one can't help but be affected by the change.

This phenomenon is not unique to Fairhope. I lived in New York City for 14 years, and remember that the first days of September assured beautiful weather (not the same here) and the promise of new things in the air: New shows on Broadway and off, art gallery openings, events in the streets, and projects of all kinds starting up.

In Fairhope everything that happens begins later and is less exciting. Make no mistake about it, things are going to happen. The weather is just a harbinger to remind us.

Tonight there will be a black tie gala at the new library, which is not yet opened. The event will raise funds to defray some of the enormous costs of furnishings for the building. No doubt, at $100 a plate, "A Novel Night," as it is called, will go a long way toward buying some of the computers and equipment now considered essential library tools. The many novelists and other writers -- not me for some reason; I just thought of that -- will be honored and their presence will draw a glittering crowd of admirers. I am not crazy about the new library iself, but I support libraries in general and probably would have paid $100 for the event if I thought they needed me. But apparently I didn't make the cut. This gives me permission to be nasty about the whole thing.

I have no real reason to be nasty, because the library is there and I did donate $250 to its construction a couple of years ago when the plans were still on the drawing board. Most of the feedback on the building has been negative, and I have certainly not been loath to reveal that on this blog, because it's a hideous building, in-your-face slap up against the sidewalk in the middle of town, and I think it's way more library than is needed. I even heard the story from a city councilman this week who got four angry phone calls in a row from an irate constituent calling for the cancellation of the gala on the grounds that would be elitist. The caller threatened pickets in front of the event saying it was going to be a public library therefore it shouldn't cost anything to view it, much less $100 for a few hors d'oeuvre. Whether he actually shows up with compatriots and placards, I don't know, but will report if it happens.

In other news about changes in Fairhope, I'm having the captain's house painted a color called Rich Cream. I gain weight just saying the name. When painting is done, the landscapers will come in and I'll have a garden in my front yard, featuring two big crape myrtles and a new oak tree. I'll post pictures as the project moves forward.

Marietta Johnson Day is October 8, and there will be an event at the Museum, featuring a dance by the students and a get together of alumni and other supporters. Then we'll get going on the big school reunion that will take place in a year's time as part of the Centennial celebration of the school. The Museum web page is up and running again after a brief glitch, so those interested in buying Mrs. Johnson's book can pick up an order form from the link on this page.

The painters have arrived. I have to talk with them. I hope the fall day is as pretty where you are as it is here.


old man of the sea said...

Black tie....hhmmmmmm. Sounds like a line of pinguins going in to see who gets the most fish.

John Sweden said...

Hej ff,

In the spirit of new beginnings brought on by the crisp fall days (host dagar) of a Sweden in the throws of a Sami Summer I give this small bit of Fairhope from the front page of today’s Independent.


“He's a huge box-office hit. He's at the top of the Indian music charts. He's on the front cover of magazines. One hundred years after Gandhi first called on his compatriots to resist white colonial rule without violence, he is back in fashion once more. Justin Huggler explains why”…..

“Something remarkable is happening in India. Just as the world is beginning to see the country as an emerging economy obsessed with copying all things Western, and ever more hooked on consumerism, India has rediscovered another voice from its past, a voice that spoke of a different vision for his country.”

But today Gandhi has caught the Indian imagination all over again. He appears as a character in the biggest Bollywood hit of the summer - a comedy, but one that even his admirers accept does not degrade his message. His writings are bestsellers again. He is at the top of India's music charts too, with a tape of his Hindu devotional songs, or bhajans. A new Gandhi museum in Delhi is opening its doors to 2,000 visitors a day.”

The world does tend to right itself and civilization returns to it progressive course despite what those who are “Illiterate in Ideas of Value” would have us believe.

If our clever, high-speed short cuts, links and connections to a present aren’t working, sometimes it pays to return the starting point.

ollie oaf said...

What kind of credentials does it take to get invited to the pre-official opening of the new Fairhope Public Library? Probably the primary one is not to be a basher of it.

Finding Fair Hope said...

An extra $100 that you don't have anything better to do with will also work. Luckily I didn't want to go.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, if the entire town didn't know the MJSOE Library was rotting away under your precious X-Director's and your
heartless leadership you might have been invited.

Anonymous said...

How can MJS library be linked to Fairhope Public Library, especially in terms of operation? Seems that the MJS Librarian would be the quality control there. A private library can have significant and special offerings that are often omitted or overlooked by large public libraries. The librarian is the mother of the lore there.

Ebenezer Iscariot said...

gees! Where have you Been? The posters all over town indicated that a spot may be bought for the price of sizeable donation as well as the $100 catered meal. If you pay you get to play, the honor is all in the money.

Finding Fair Hope said...

Eb, I saw the posters and decided to pass on the event rather than pull my old penguin suit out of mothballs. I didn't have a penguin to go in it anyway.