Saturday, August 07, 2010

Meet Marietta Johnson

My sister-in-law, Maggie Mosteller Timbes, has created a video with herself as Marietta Johnson, the visionary educator who founded Fairhope's School of Organic Education in 1907. Maggie is director of the museum, which is one of the oldest buildings in Fairhope, located on the School Street side of Faulkner Community College campus in Fairhope. As you'll see from the video, it's worth a visit!

To view and hear it, just click on "the video" above.

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Maggie Mosteller-Timbes said...

Thanks for the exposure, ML. I enjoyed so much making this little film with the help of your dear and talented brother - my sweet husband Graham Timbes. He and I will collaborate on a short horrow vigniette for the Winston's (the new owners' of Maudetta's house)Halloween Party for 200 on October 30. Graham will be Dr. Rigormortis and I will be his patient Morticia. We plan to do the Monster Mash as part of it. Should be fun. Thanks again for exposing Martietta Johnson via the film on your blog.Love, Maggie