Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finding a Place to Blog

November 15, 2007

I've done it, friends! I've created yet another blog the world has been waiting for...or at least a few people in the vicinity of Hoboken, New Jersey, who may be wondering what all this flap about the new blogger in town is all about.

You can get there by going to Finding Myself in Hoboken which I launched today, having nothing else to do but pack up a lifetime of belongings and clean up and move from here.

Check it out, and bookmark the page. There will be less and less on this one in days to come.


Jonne said...

SALUTE! It is cool to be the first to post. I may never be first at anything again, like the first to go through the Holland Tunnel or
try to solve a Rubics cube without the 16 step instruction sheet, or
trip over a new manhole cover. I've heard that Hoboken is one mile square, maybe you can post photos of it all eventually. I can hardly wait.

Finding Fair Hope said...

Err.rr..I think you're still at the old blog. Try clicking here and you'll find the place to be first. That is, if someone doesn't beat you to the punch.

You'll get the hang of this computer stuff eventually. It's good you keep trying...

John Sweden said...

Sorry, but I'm number so many ways;-D