Thursday, October 11, 2007

And Now for Something Completely Different

October 11, 2007

I'm not accustomed to linking with such as this, but Jerome Murat is new to me and I think you'll find this fascinating, as I do. Please watch it all; it goes from interesting to absolutely astonishing. Just click here, sit back, and wait to be amused. I'd love your comments.


isadora too said...

WOW!! Would say more but I have to run.

mullet slapper said...

Magic? Yes, very.

Reminds me of Smother's Brothers humor and a College Night at Montevallo show with a statue as well. The real magic is probably 'flying' the puppet as if light
allows not only eerie quality but also affords disguise.

The beginning was actually the best part to me, waiting to see what it was about..Neato...Got any more of the same?

ollie the oaf said...

By the way, I would toss it into the bin of art, no... good art, and by doing that painted Campbell soup cans pale by comparison.

sueofsoe said...

Awesome...I have never seen anything like this before...So beautiful in presentation~~~~~It is magic!

Marcel said...

C'est bon, Murat!

Mary Lois said...

Sorry that this link no longer works. I'll take this post down eventually, but if you Google Jacques Murat you may find something of his.