Thursday, December 14, 2006

Travel Blog

December 14

All packed and ready for my trip to New York. Traveling is different from year to year; this year I'll take my laptop along (last Christmas I didn't even have a laptop) and post on the blog. In 20 minutes I've got to jump in the car and drive to the airport to get there at least an hour early and have my bags double checked, shoes examined, and the little bag of 3 oz. liquids approved for takeoff.

Inevitably I'll find I forget one or two crucial things. I tend to underpack, but I still bring along clothes that I don't wear.

About Noon the Same Day

I've been sitting at the Mobile Airport for two hours and ten minutes; the flight has been delayed and will not leave for another 45 minutes. It's because of fog. Nobody to get mad at, except everybody. My plan was to meet an old friend for dinner tonight and now it looks like I won't get in until close to midnight. Well, you can always get food in New York City...but you sometimes have to eat alone. Just getting there is the problem now. I'll have about five hours in the airport in Charlotte after we get off the ground here.

In the meantime I figured I'd use my handy dandy little laptop to send emails to the hotel and the friend, so I signed up for a single-use Internet access at $6.95. It seems to work for everything but mail. I wish my friend read my blog, because I can write a blog but I can't let him know.

I didn't think of getting his office phone number to telephone and let him know of the problem. I've got a notebook full of NYC phone numbers, but not that one.

It's going to be a good trip, but it's not getting off to a good start. Now I wish I had a few more days in New York.


Bert Bananas said...

Hey, email me and I'll give you my sign-on information for our T-Mobile wi-fi account and you can use it while you're in NYC. You'll be able to sign on at any Starbucks. Very handy thing to have. We don't use it that much, so it won't be a problem.

And speaking of travel, we just got word that a client wants us to paint some curbs in Michoacan, Mexico. I may be the one to go down there to do the actual work because I still remember some of my high school Spanish. Isn't life just the neatest thing?

And yes, I'm serious about the T-mobile usage.

Anonymous said...

I'll enjoy the trip for you right here. Maybe all that NYC stuff will get you al fired up to be a star, ya know. You know how I am about 'the going'.I'm glad it's you and not me. The lap top is like a faith based trust that can aid in confidence and reinforcement if needed.
I saw a reincarnation of Alice B. at the Tanger today. Caught myself astare and got a good poke from the Boo for it. Enjoy and stay safe.

Bert Bananas said...

Incredible... I was on my Mac mini when I tried to go through your profile to get you email address, but I couldn't get it to come up, because the Mac kept telling me I had to do some stuff to set up an email account. Dumb software...

email me at and I'll get you the info you need to use T-Mobile for absolutely for free...