Sunday, October 01, 2006

Abundance of Fair Hope

October 1

I haven’t written much about the concept of abundance lately. In fact, the last time I posted about abundance may well have been in that chunk of posts that I deleted by mistake in July. However it may have been, it seems the time to review the abundance in life and the fair hope for its continuation.

I think of abundance just as I wake up – in that dreamy state before real consciousness sets in. Thoughts are intruding into the dreams of sleep, thoughts about writing a blog, planning a meeting, shopping for groceries, feeding the cat – any one of a number of everyday things that make up an abundance of life itself. I thank whatever gods may be for the gifts that have brought me to this particular spot, in this body, in this bed, in this house, in this town, and on up. I wallow in what I call “doing” abundance, cherishing the moment of the autumn morning,, equipping myself with an overlay of joy with which to address the day.

Some of us are cut off from the emotions of our life, deliberately at that. We edit the hard stuff, delete the painful or even the potentially painful, in favor of a less uncomfortable yet less balanced middle ground. When doing abundance, we can get in touch with the whole of life’s experience, and evaluate the lessons learned by conflict – at the same appreciating that this particular challenge is unique to us and enhances our opportunities for abundance.

Certainly such an attitude is a luxury, provided by time and space, and to embrace the pain at the moment of joy is not an automatic lesson. But doing abundance is not natural either; it is an effort of will at any time, even when abundance is clear. The desired result, daily progress and forward motion, is worth this effort made in its behalf – and the result is achievable for all of us.


Benedict S. said...

"Some of us are cut off from the emotions of our life..." I'd be interested to know why you think that.

Finding Fair Hope said...

You would argue that there are people cut off from their emotions? Well, why do I think that...hmmm. Let's just say I met someone like that, and that he occasionally reads this blog, and I was trying to suggest that there are other ways to live. He probably won't recognize himself but will say, yeah, she's right, there are some poor jokers like that. It is not you, by the way. I am interested in why you asked the question.

Benedict S. said...

Because I had a hard time imagining how it might be that, even if such people exist -- which I doubt, you would know it.

Finding Fair Hope said...

Let me get this straight. You doubt that such people exist, and if they do, you doubt that I would know them. I hate to tell you that in the world I live in there are plenty of people cut off from their emotions, frozen, you might say, feeling superior for the ability to turn emotion on and off like a faucet, while in fact, impoverished by the very thing they feel empowered by.

I have met them in 12-Step meeting rooms, on committees, in church, at the Marietta Johnson School, in classes, in positions of power, reading books, walking along the road, observing life while making every effort to rationalize away its emotional component.

I might even admit there have been times I was one of them. But not now. And not on the days when I start by "doing" abundance.

Benedict S. said...

It's really hard, tho, to know other people's feelings.

Robin said...

I agree with Miss FF. Everyone has a different view of reality. Since one can not know another person's motives without asking them one might as well assume the best possible instead of the worst.

We can comfortably say that forces other that logic and reason are the primary motivators behind human behavior.Emotional peaks and valleys, This is the primary cause of our behavior, and all other explanations are an attempt to rationalize our actions. It is amazing how much effort is spent attempting to prove that
we are rational animals. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are rationalizing animals, which is the opposite of a rational animal.
Mankind will be never be rational.

Benedict S. said...

Hmmm. a defeatist attitude.