Monday, August 14, 2006

Scrubbed for Surgery

August 14

Looks like just another day in L.A., except that I go to Mobile for gum surgery at 11:30. I have made a great deal more of this than need be -- but it's the second time I've had to do have it done, for roughly the same spot in my mouth, and there are lots of other things I'd rather be doing. A friend who's more than ten years younger than I, hearing me whine about this turn of events, said simply, "Welcome to my world."

All I remember from the last such periodontal visit is that the procedure took some time and when the painkiller wore off there was some pain. Now that's a big surprise. What actually was a surprise was that the doctor had prescribed a low-dosage tablet of Percodan, which I was almost looking forward to, and instead of giving me a little feel-good pain relief, it made me nauseated all night. This time we've switch drugs. How that will work out for me no one can say. However, I've laid in a bit of ice cream -- which I haven't had for a year -- to drown my sorrows and soothe my yearning for childish comfort.

Matters have been eased also by the Spiritual Circle meeting last night. We listened to a tape by Doreen Virtue, a teacher who puts us in touch with angels and our own higher selves. This was apparently Virtue 101, with the lady leading us step-by-step through a cleansing of our chakras. If you are the type to scoff at this, read no further. It was a very refreshing exercise and those who attended the meeting left with the bond of new friends and enough positive spiritual energy to get them through any stress the next few days might hold. I think I needed it as much as anyone in the room.

I don't expect to be incapacitated, but as I recall it will be a week or so before I'll be able to chew much. Big deal. Soup is a wonderful thing. And I still have my mind and spirit, and I'll still be working on my body at the gym tomorrow, unless I decide not to. I'll probably post a blog. I'll be able to feed the cat. Maybe I'll get started writing something worthwhile. All in all, I'm expecting good things. I'm welcome in this world. And my chakras are spotless.


Bert Bananas said...

You know what? Getting your Chakras reamed out and playing golf amount to the same thing!

Finding Fair Hope said...

Now, Mr. Bananas. You're talking apples and oranges...if you're feeling fruity, do it on your own blog. I don't feel like sparring, I just came out of surgery and the novacaine is wearing off.

John (America) said...

Have you tried taking the pain medicine with food? That may help the nausea.I take Lor-Tab for pain,it's an opiate and works wonders. Just for shared info I believe in everything you wrote in your blog,good for you and your energy healing group.

Finding Fair Hope said...

Pain medicine -- yes, I've got a bit of it in me at the moment, Vicodin, and this time I was sure to take it on a rather full stomach. Seems to be alleviating the pain -- not as much fun as being drunk, although there are some who would disagree with that -- and I'm sure I'll be able to move to good old ibuprophen by tomorrow. Thanks for your concern and for liking my blog, John; and for saying something a little more delicate than the banana man did.